ADKINS PILATES is a fully-equipped Pilates studio providing comprehensive mind-body movement training to the Bloomington-Normal area in the form of private, semi-private, and small group training.

What is Pilates? Pilates focuses on engaging the mind with the body to create exercises that begin with the core and involve the entire body. Every exercise is performed with attention to the breath, proper form, and efficient movement patterns. Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance and body awareness, increases coordination, and decreases stress.

ADKINS PILATES provides contemporary Pilates instruction tailored to the needs of today's population. We aren't the hunters and gatherers we once were. Many of us commute to work and sit at our computers for most of the day. This results in shortened and tight hamstrings, hip flexors, and pectorals; weak and sore abdominals, backs, and shoulders. Some of us over-train certain muscles, resulting in muscle imbalances, inflexibility, and injury. Pilates brings back that balance, strength, and flexibility the body so deperately needs.

Pilates offers a refreshing mind-body workout while developing long and lean muscles, flat abdominals, and a strong back. Modifications to the exercises allow for the difficulty to be adjusted to any fitness level, from the beginner to the advanced. So whether your goal is to lose weight, improve your running time or golf game, strengthen your core, or increase flexibility, ADKINS PILATES has something for you.

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Breathing...Concentration...Control...Centering...Precision...Balanced Muscle Development...Rhythm/Flow...Whole Body Movement...Relaxation
Reserve your sessions today online, via e-mail info@adkinspilates.com, or call (309) 820-0820.
712 E. Empire St., Bloomington, IL ~ "Where the Constitution Trail meets Empire"

After 5 years, Adkins Pilates will be closing it's doors. April 19th will be the last day of classes. I can't begin to express my gratitude to the teachers and students for making Adkins Pilates more than just a studio...it became a community full of support, laughter, and love. Click here for more information on the closure and your options afterwards! Because let's face it...once you do Pilates/yoga/barre you can't imagine your life without it!
Peace & Pilates, Lexy

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Client testimonials:

"I’ve done Pilates for several years on and off, but moving to Bloomington and finding Lexy took my practice to a new level. Unlike other workout places, Adkins Pilates is geared towards the individual, even when you are in a group: Lexy and the others are sensitive to each of our strengths, know that our bodies change from day to day, and shape or change the practice accordingly. I have never had instructors so caring about what works for each of us and so interested in researching the weird aches I can come up with as my body ages.
  In my sixth decade (!) I am strong, pretty flexible, have stamina, and a calmness and focus that I really attribute to Adkins Pilates. They work with, care about and respect the whole person, as we are. I love seeing the range of bodies at Pilates classes, and how they change uniquely over the weeks; several of us have noticed we have waists now, and curves where we didn’t before! But while the reason many of us started Pilates was to get in shape, we stay Pilates because of the supportive community, the variety in and the individualization of classes—and because we have the best teachers ever! Thank you all so much!"
~ Joan Mullin

"After a pregnancy and making my new daughter a priority for over a year, I wanted to get my pre-baby core strength back as well as address some lower back pain that I was having. After one workout at Adkins Pilates my back was improved, and is now pain free after continued Pilates work. My core continues to get stronger with each class and I love how Pilates is reshaping my entire body.
  The Adkins Pilates instructors are so attentive and creative; they help me make adjustments throughout class to improve my form and ensure that I get the most from my workout, and each class challenges my muscles in new ways. In addition to their vast knowledge of Pilates, they create a fun and supportive environment that I look forward to each week. For me, Adkins Pilates has been more than just a workout, it's a holistic approach to physical health, strength and mental well being."
- Genny Bernetti

"I have been taking Pilates with Lexy for more than three years.  I took both mat and reformer classes with Lexy during both my pregnancies. Not only did her classes help me get back in shape after the babies were born, she was always great about modifying the Pilates moves while I was pregnant so I was exercising safely. She is a highly skilled instructor and always very patient with me."
- Leah Prost